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Give the Gift
of Vacation

Give the Gift
of Vacation

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Your love for travel was meant to be shared. And with the RCI® Gift of Vacation program, it’s easy to give your friends and family an unforgettable getaway. Use your club currency to gift a 7-night getaway at no extra cost to you. Simply complete the request form, select your gift amount, and get them going.

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A Gift That Goes Places

The RCI® Gift of Vacation program lets you use club currency to gift family or friends a 7-night stay at their choice of 4,200+ affiliated resorts worldwide.*

Gifting a getaway offers even more. Your loved ones also get access to discounted cash vacations at member-exclusive pricing. These cash getaways are available through the recipient’s account expiration date – one year after activation.

*These vacations are limited and subject to availability

Steps to Gifting


Complete the request form, selecting the amount of currency you’d like to apply toward the gift. More currency means more travel options.


Submit your request form and, once it’s processed, the gift amount will be deducted from your RCI account.


Receive your confirmation email with activation code and link.


Forward code and link to your gift recipient.


Let them plan, book, and go on a 7-night stay.

How it Works

Gift request is a non-refundable transaction and currency cannot be returned to your account after the request form is submitted.

Gift recipient must pay a $319USD reservation fee when redeeming their getaway – alternatively, you may apply additional currency to pay this reservation fee.

The name of the gift recipient will be applied to all reservations (no name changes allowed) and recipient must be at least 21 years of age.

Gift recipient will have one year from the day they activate their account to reserve their getaway.

Gift recipient has 30 days to set up their account before their activation code expires.

All reservations are for a 7-night stay.


As a Club Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham or Shell Vacations Club owner, how do I take advantage of the RCI Gift of Vacation program?

Complete a request form at Simply choose how much currency to apply to your gift from your RCI Subscribing Member account. The more currency you apply, the more vacation options your gift recipient can access.

Note that all gift transactions are final. The deduction you make towards the Gift of Vacation program cannot be returned to your RCI Subscribing Member account once you have submitted your gift request form.

What vacations will my friends or family members be able to book through the RCI Gift of Vacation program?

Your gift recipient can book a 7-night getaway at one of 4,200+ RCI-affiliated resorts worldwide. Their options are based on availability and the amount of currency you apply toward the gift. Recipients can search by region, destination, and travel date. Note: Your gift recipient will pay a $319USD reservation fee at the time of booking – unless you apply currency to cover this fee.

Do I have to indicate who I am giving the RCI Gift of Vacation trip to when completing and submitting the request form?

Yes, it is required for you to provide the name of the person that will be redeeming the gift, as all reservations made through the program will be held in that person’s name. No name changes are allowed.